ANTHEM session: Graham Harman on assemblage theory


The ANTHEM group will be meeting from 4 to 7pm on Thursday 27 November 2008 at the London School of Economics and Political Science. We will be discussing a recent paper by Graham Harman, entitled “The Assemblage Theory of Society,” which examines the philosophical assumptions behind Manuel DeLanda’s Deleuzian assemblage theory, while contrasting it with the ontology of Bruno Latour. The main themes of the paper are realism, assemblage, essence, and emergence. We also expect Graham Harman to join us at some point (assuming his flight arrives on time).

If you are interested in attending this discussion, please contact Peter Erdélyi for a copy of the paper and for further details. Due to room capacity limitations places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


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  1. Jochen Büchel Says:


    I met Graham last week in Toulouse and am fascinated by his philosophy. As I live in Munich I would be very grateful, if you could send me his paper via e.mail.

    Yours sincerely Dr. Jochen Büchel

  2. ANTHEM » Blog Archive » Assemblages According to Manuel DeLanda Says:

    […] announced earlier,  we are expecting Graham Harman to join us at Thursday’s ANTHEM seminar. Dr Harman has also very kindly agreed to give us a talk, accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, […]

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