Bruno Latour to give Henry Myers Lecture 2008


The 2008 Henry Myers Lecture of the Royal Anthropological Institute will be given by Bruno Latour on 25 September 2008 at the British Museum in London. The lecture is entitled “Nature and Creation: What good is it for a man to gain his soul, yet forfeit the whole world?” Further details can be found on the RAI website. Here is the abstract:

“The many ecological crises of today have had a strong impact on theology and spirituality generally. This might be a good occasion to revisit the many themes and metaphors that have opposed the spiritual and the material. What is transient and what is everlasting? The threat to the Earth itself requires a very different set of attitudes toward the very notion of the spiritual. It is especially interesting to revisit the old distinction between the notion of nature and that of creation by exploring different views of science and of religion.”

(Reproduced from the RAI website.)

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    […] on Thursday, Bruno Latour – connecting the ecological crisis, science, and religion – asked: “Will Non-humans be Saved?” Read the text of his lecture here [PDF]. Latour addresses the standoff between creationism […]

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