4S/EASST: Actor Network Theory meets (Post) Phenomenology


The draft programme for the 2008 4S/EASST Conference in Rotterdam is now available from the 4S website [1MB PDF]. There are just too many interesting talks here for us to be able to even begin to list them, so we will stick with highlighting just the one session that is most closely in line with the ANTHEM theme: Session 1.3.16 “Actor Network Theory meets (Post)Phenomenology,” between 13:30-15:30 on 21 August 2008 in Room T3-31. Session organisers: Jack Post and Peter-Paul Verbeek. The talks:

  • “I have never been Modern – nor has Postphenomenology been so,” by Don Ihde, State University of New York at Stony Brook
  • “Posthuman Perceptions: on hybrids and human-technology relations,” by Peter-Paul Verbeek, University of Twente

  • “Interactivity as performative articulation,” by Renee van de Vall, Maastricht University
  • “The impact of technology and the constitution of subjectivity,” by Steven Dorrestijn, University of Twente, Dept. of Philosophy
  • “Gameplay as embodied interaction,” by Jack Post, Maastricht University, Dept. of Literature

Further information at the 4S and EASST websites.

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