Recording of Bruno Latour’s lecture at LSE


Click here to listen to (1 hour 23 minutes) or download (19.7MB) the recording of Bruno Latour’s lecture “Another European Tradition: traceability of the social and the vindication of Gabriel Tarde” at the London School of Economics and Political Science on 4 February 2008. The event was introduced and chaired by Nikolas Rose.

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  1. Peter Erdélyi Says:

    A review of this event and some discussion in Swedish on Karl Palmås’s blog, 99, our 68.

  2. Post-industrial society, the ICT revolution and all that… Says:

    […] metaphysics and treat humans and nonhumans as first class objects of sociological study. Latour recently suggested that new datascapes available through ICT allow a new type of sociology to take place, relying on […]

  3. ANTHEM » Blog Archive » Remembering the Harman Review Says:

    […] one critical moment, when two Palm Pilots were put side-by-side and the realisation was born that Bruno Latour and Graham Harman would be in London and at the LSE on the same day, by pure chance, if there is […]

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