ANTHEM meets Michel Callon, Yuval Millo and Fabian Muniesa


On 7 December 2007 a few members of ANTHEM attended a memorable discussion session on the occasion of the launch of Market Devices, a volume edited by Michel Callon, Yuval Millo and Fabian Muniesa. The book, published in the Sociological Review Monograph Series, is a collection of case studies on the performativity of markets, building on the efforts of Michel Callon to extend actor-network theory into the domain of economic sociology.

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4 Responses to “ANTHEM meets Michel Callon, Yuval Millo and Fabian Muniesa”

  1. Graham Harman Says:

    Callon was an impressive speaker when I saw him in Cerisy– very forceful, without being in any way a bully. Hard to fall asleep when listening to someone like that.

  2. ANTHEM » Blog Archive » Do Economists Make Markets? Says:

    […] Callon et al. called this book the ’sister volume’ to their Market Devices. While we haven’t had a chance yet to read MacKenzie et al’s book, judging from the […]

  3. Peter Erdélyi Says:

    I posted a summary of this discussion session on my blog:

  4. Market studies explosion? « ANTHEM Says:

    […] papers appear to be referring to the concept of market devices introduced in the volume edited by Callon, Millo & Muniesa in 2007, who draw on the insights of science and technology studies and actor-network theory for […]

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